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CNC Folding C3 Engineering

Here at C3 Engineering we offer a complete CNC folding, bending & sheet metal fabrication service. Our latest Bystronic Xpert CNC folding press brake machines offer maximum flexibility for all your sheet metal folding requirements.

Utilising the latest in Bystronic CNC folding equipment enable us to offer highly productive, consistent and accurate metal bending and CNC folding at any position and at high speed.

In recent years C3 Engineering have purchased several Haas CNC machining centres which help keep all your metal fabrication work under one reliable roof. Investment in this area helps provide our customers with high volume production which is both reliable and accurate.

Our Bystronic Expert CNC folding press brake machine’s offer excellent bending results & quick lead.

CNC Folding Press Brake – Bystronic Expert 40 & 180 x 4m

  • Maximum flexibility & Performance.
  • Consistently high bending quality.
  • Precision from the very first part.
  • Convenient offline programming.
  • Only machine that does not produce angle. errors.
In recent years C3 Engineering have invested heavily in Haas CNC machining technology which has been an exciting addition to our machine shop.

Our latest Haas CNC milling & turning machines

  • Provides high spindle speeds.
  • Fast rapids and quick tool changes.
  • High volume production and reduced cycle times.
  • Reliable and accurate.
  • Ideal for die sinking work.

The CNC Folding and Bending Process

A press brake machine is a tool which can be used for bending sheet metals and plates. Two frames form the sides of the machine which clamp the metal between a punch and die, enabling folds and holes to be produced to specifications.

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