CNC Folding and Punching

Here at C3 Engineering we offer a complete CNC Folding and Punching Service. Our Amada HFE II Series Folding Press Brake machine offers a flexible solution to all your metal sheet folding requirements. We are equipped with three highly accurate press brake machines, that are able to fold and bend metal at any position and at high speed.

We also utilise an Amada Acute Punch Press Turret for punching holes in metal sheets and other components for a wide range of customer requirements.


  • Allows for high speed progressive forming
  • Features a large speed capacity 51 station turret
  • Increases production capacity
  • Production of parts to a very high quality

The Amada Acute allows for high speed progressive forming, large capacity and a superb quality finish. A multi-functional machine, it can punch highly intricate layouts such as perforations and also has an etching facility.

In 2012, we purchased the Haas VF3ss Vertical Milling Machine which has proved to be an exciting addition to our workshop. With its high spindle speeds and high-torque motors, fast rapids and quick tool changes (less than 1.6 seconds!), we’re able to provide our customers with high volume production which is both reliable and accurate.

Folding Press Brake – Amada HFE II Series

Our Amada Folding Press Brake Machine offers the highest quality of services.

  • Flexible multi-axis and down stroking press brake
  • Lower beam design offers greater flexibility with the product.
  • Instant reactive beam provides consistent accuracy.
  • Capability to carry out folding and bending at any position.
  • Improved and efficient productivity.

Haas VF3ss – Vertical Milling Machine

The Haas Vertical Milling Machine is a exciting addition to our machine shop.

  • Provides high spindle speeds.
  • Fast rapids and quick tool changes.
  • High volume production and reduced cycle times.
  • Reliable and accurate.
  • Ideal for die sinking work.

The CNC Folding and Punching Process

A press brake machine is a tool which can be used for bending sheet metals and plates.
Two frames form the sides of the machine which clamp the metal between a punch and die, enabling folds and holes to be produced to specifications.

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